Darren Clausen


Darren Clausen


This last Sunday we kicked off a new series entitled, ‘The Church’ with the hope in mind to go through what The Church is, what’s it’s mission is and how that can be lived out today. Pastor Jesse delivered a great message in the first of five messages.
The Church | A Bride

As a population, we tend to be very task oriented. Moving from one task to the next quite rapidly. This is a great thing, but can lead to a lack of presence in a moment. The same can be said for church life. In ministry, the tendency is to get busy DOING church rather than BEING the church. If we are supposed to be the church as Christ called us to be we must first have an understanding for what the church is.

Ecclesia, the Greek word for church, can be translated to “Called out ones.” So if this is true, then church really isn’t about a place we go, but a people we are becoming. This is such a monumental piece for us to understand. People = The Church. The people become the church when they gather under one name: Jesus Christ.

God promises that when there is unity under His name there will be a blessing commanded amongst that group. When people are pursuing God together, there will be blessing. It is where breakthrough can happen! If we are to be the ‘called out ones’, finding ways for us to pursue God with others should be in our nature to allow breakthrough to happen! As far as imagery goes, let’s try this on for size: when you are in another country and there is a U.S. embassy that you are standing on, you belong to the laws given to you on U.S. soil. Our home country with God is heaven, but here on earth, The Church is our embassy! That is a Church with a big C: the global Church and its mission to create disciples of Jesus Christ. But where do we go to get plugged into the big C church’s mission? We’re so glad you asked!

God wants us to be a part of something greater than just ourselves. He left us with a mission and He wants to use the Church to carry out His plans for redemption for humanity. The Church is God’s plan A. The best way for you to find a way to be a part of it is to think globally, but act locally! God has the local church as part of His mission because it is a place for us to get plugged in and start stepping into the people we are becoming!

God views the Church as His bride. He is married to her. She is His number one priority. And He will do anything for her. This is why the Church is Plan A for God. If you love God then you love His Church.

It can be fairly common expression thrown around, but a lot of people love Jesus, but hate the church. People have been hurt by the church or had bad experiences and we totally get that. Here is the thing: we all miss the mark. That’s why Jesus came to save us. We will always have a church full of hypocrites because we are always going to be imperfect people. Those imperfect people however, serve a perfect God. A God who loves you enough to meet you where you are right now, but loves you too much to let you stay there.

Don’t just go to church to go to church. Just as we don’t just read scripture to just gain the head knowledge. Heart change happens when we become the people we are called to be. Go. Be the Church!

There are 3 purposes of the Church that we want to leave you with:

1. Minister unto God. The primary purpose of the Church is to worship Jesus first. That is
why we do worship music at the beginning of the service in order to set the environment for the Spirit to move in the Church. The Church was built to worship our Savior.
2. Minister to believers. The idea here is to equip believers to be the church in order to live out the purpose of the ministry. God told us to Love God and to Love People. Ministering to believers prepares them to become the people they were called to be!
3. Minister to the world. Go out to the world and make disciples, said Jesus. The purpose of the church is to have a global impact done by the actions taken on a local scale all over the world.

Don’t forget to join us next week for Husker Sunday!

We love you! The best is yet to come!