Welcome to this week at My City Church! It’s hard to believe that another Sunday has come and gone, but we are so grateful for what God is doing in and through our city here in Omaha, Nebraska! We say this all the time around here, but we believe ‘The best is yet to come’ and this is because we know that what we are sowing into now will be grown upon good soil and will come to bloom at a time maybe when we least expect it!

    This week’s message from Pastor Jesse continued our series entitled ‘Revival’. We believe that revival is simply that Jesus has come to awaken our souls and stir in our hearts. To use us in a way that emulates the life He gave for us!


There are times in our life where our intentions simply are not lived out by the actions or words we take to carry out those intentions. There is somehow some miscommunication that happens along the way. We meant in our hearts and our minds something to go one way, but it is as if the opposite happened. 

We’ve all been there, but there is something to be said about when we have great intentions that are Spirit led rather than self-driven. We believe that we are all called to make a difference in people’s lives, but in order for it to be accomplished to the fullest potential, we may need to view this through the lens of what Jesus did for us.

We are talking about a man who was fully God, who knew the beginning and knows the ending, coming down to earth to give His life for us so we may have a full life. Knowing this, how can we not go forward and think ‘I need to give more than I receive?’ When we start to move from emotional and feeling responses into a life led through Spirit led conviction is when we can truly begin to start walking in what God has for us.

Matthew 28:18-20 - Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.

This verse is known as the Great Commission and is one of the last things Jesus said before He left. When He left, He made sure to let His disciples know that Jesus had all authority. Basically saying, ‘Guys, I got this.’ He is telling us the same thing today. We have authority because we are saved through Christ Jesus and have authority to live out the Gospel. 
After He let us know that we had authority because of His authority, he told us to “go”. This action verb is so prevalent in how we are going to walk out our calling in life. This is the Great Commission and when we will take that leap of faith and simply start going, that is when God is on a mission. God never SHOWS what He has for us until we GO and step out into faithfulness, trusting that what we are sowing into will bear the fruit we desire!

That’s the thing about our God. Faith is an active thing for Him. God has a personality; He’s not just an authoritarian sitting on His thrown. God likes to be entertained, He likes when we step out in boldness and He will and promises to meet us when we step out and GO. You’ll never know more of God until we step out and GO!    


    Here at My City Church, we encourage this behavior. We encourage you to find a way to GO! This can be done through CREWS and joining TEAM and serving on Sunday’s. We believe it is our role to help EQUIP you so that when you are in the middle of your ‘GO’, you aren’t doing this alone. We have 4 quick points on how to best get EQUIPPED to make sure that your GO is done well.

  1. Pray: If nothing else is done, we encourage you to grow in your conversation with God because it is from there that you will begin to grow in your relationship with Him and begin to understand and interpret the things He is calling you to!
  2. The Word: We believe that the pages of the Bible are not just like any other book you may read. We believe the Bible is alive and full of power! Some simple advice: It’s better to know one verse and know it in your heart than it is to know the whole Bible only in your head.
  3. Spirit Led: We believe that with the authority that Christ came with is the same authority that He sent the Holy Spirit with to stay with us as we are here on earth. Knowing this, we can step out into faith knowing that He who lives in me is greater the he who is in the world.
  4.  Relationship: Life was not meant to be done on your own. Regardless of your situation, past, background or circumstance, there is a place here for you at My City Church and we want to help grow in relationship with you. We are called to lead in life and what better way to do that than amongst a group of people all pulling in the same direction for the same mission.

If we want to live a life based on the convictions we talked about earlier, it will never be easy, but it will always be worth it. That is why if we are to live out these convictions of the people we want and desire to be, we must dedicate ourselves to being in prayer, in the Word of God, in tune with the Holy Spirit as our guide and in relationship with others to grow in our faith and experience a full awakening of our soul! 


We love you and hope this week’s message left you encouraged! We are on a mission to love God, love people and to lead in life! If you want to learn more about our CREWS, which launch next week or how to be a part of our TEAMS, please follow the links below!