Darren Clausen


Darren Clausen



    What a great Sunday here at My City Church! We are so thankful for all that God is doing in and through His church as we continue to build and push forward to reach people in our city for Jesus. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and we hope it provides you some encouragement as you go through your week!

Spirit Lead Me On     

As we concluded the series entitled, Revival, we dove into the subject about being Spirit led in our lives. The Holy Spirit is a living person who comes into our lives when we accept Jesus as our Savior. The Spirit then will come into our lives and live within us, providing an inner voice and guidance for us to follow.   

The Spirit is the last of the Trinity that we get to meet as Jesus sends the Spirit to live within us after He ascends into heaven. So as we conclude this series, it’s an interesting thought to listen to our Spirit and how He is going to guide us along going forward. So as we go step out in faith there is a question we must ask ourselves: ‘Who am I following?’ Who am I following? This is an amazing question to ponder on and think over because throughout life there are going to be a lot of different people, things and opportunities that we must continually ask ourselves, who am I following? Maybe a better question to ask ourselves initially would be to ask, ‘what kind of follower do I want to be?’ Do we want to be the kind of follower that only seeks out those that can do something for us? Every believer, everywhere will need to decide what kind of follower he or she is going to be.     

While the glamorous side of things is to say that we want to be leaders, to say that we want to lead people and that we want people to look to us for answers. But we’ll never know how great a leader we can become until we can become the best follower than we can possibly be. The greater reliance upon Jesus and His Holy Spirit, the greater opportunities for actual leadership will be presented. The power of the Holy Spirit is greater than any power in us and when we lean into the Holy Spirit and follow His lead the more we can be led by Him.     

See our lives will go in the direction of whatever we are full of.  Whatever it is that we are filling in our soul and our heart with, that will be the direction we are led to in life. The first place we must look to in our heart is are we ceding to the Holy Spirit. Are we following the call of the Holy Spirit? Are we listening to His guidance? See it’s unlikely that we will follow people in this life that won’t push us towards success. We’ll find a way to lean into successful leaders. But will they lead us to hearts of unforgiveness? Hearts built on selfishness? A heart based on motives? Our God wants more for us than this. Our God wants us to be Spirit-led because He knows what type of life comes out of the Spirit.

“What I am full of will come out of my life. Whatever it is that is in my heart, that is what will make its way out of me.” -Pastor Jesse Norman   

 Romans 8:14 states, “Those that are led by the Spirit of God will become the sons of God.” This verse is so pivotal in our faith journey. It is important to remember that God the Father views us as His children. The more we can begin to lean into the Spirit to guide our decisions, the closer our relationship grows with our Father God.     

See a lot of people will view God as authoritarian or a dictator, but that simply is a misconception. God wants us to know we are his son or daughter. He wants to offer us some correction, some adjustment, but He more so wants to give us blessings because of His love for us! Because the more we view God as our Father and grow in the Spirit-led-life the more we can begin to say, ‘I can trust Him.’ One last note on that which really hits home is this powerful quote:     “How can you walk or begin to walk in your destiny without the one who creates it?”   

 How can we find our destiny and our calling without our God, the great Creator? It begs us to ask another question: what is blocking the leadership of the Holy Spirit? Is it our pride, self- righteousness or disobedience? No matter what it is, if we can identify it, lean into God, He will and promises to help us find a solution to depend on Him more.     

Here are 3 simple steps for us to apply and to follow as we begin to step out into a Spirit-led life:

1. Word of God: We will depend on the Word of God? What is the word of God telling me about the situation that I am in? Do I know the answer or does it take me leaning into His word? Will I go there first? Do I spend time in the word of God? This is the first step in allowing the Spirit to lead us. But an important thing to remember is that a single verse in our heart is greater than an entire chapter in our head.

2. Authority of God: Are those that are around us under the authority of God? Do they have the relationship strong enough with God that we can go to them we know their advice and insight will be given out of a healthy spiritual place? Ask yourself, does this person have a spirit-led life themselves? Do they have a relationship with God? With me? And do the care enough about me to not just give me their opinions? All questions to ask and assess when seeking out spiritual advice on how to be led or to deal with a situation.

3. God Lead Me: It takes bold and courageous action to step out in faith. It is hard to live a Spirit led life because a lot of times it can mean surrendering our own desires. A Spirit-led life however, we will help us walk into our destiny through freedom and revival!

Thank you for joining us this week in our Blog recap of our Sunday Experience. If you’d like to learn more about My City Church, please, check us out on social media, give a listen to our podcasts or even get plugged into a CREW!     As we sign off for the week, don’t be afraid to send us prayer requests, as we’d love to be praying for you. And if you wouldn’t mind praying for our church and the launch of CREWS SZN1 this week! Have a great week! The best is yet to come!


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