Revival Part Two Recap


Another beautiful Sunday in the books at My City Church and we are so thankful for everyone who is already calling My City their Home! This week brought incredible worship, brand new connections and really digging in on the lifestyle of a Crew versus a Crowd.

A Crew Is Greater Than the Crowd

Have you ever been to a big sporting event or concert or something in a large arena where the energy is contagious? The energy level could be at an all-time high or the lowest of lows and typically, the crowd’s impact will give a feel for the overall vibe in the place. The major thing to note however, is a crowd can be fickle, changing frequently.

This can be true of any crowd whether it is for your favorite sports team, a church crowd or any circumstance where there would be a large crowd. The crowd is always going to be about what is going on in the moment. It’s short lived emotion. This can be fun and super exciting when things are going well, but if your team starts losing or you don’t like the songs being played at church, it can completely spiral in the other direction.

At My City Church, we always want to have crowds and we are definitely not against crowds! Jesus had crowds following around Him everywhere He went. However, we also believe that being part of Crew is greater than just being a part of the Crowd. When you become part of the Crew, it doesn’t matter what your team is doing, you’re all in and believe in them. When you become part of the Crew, you’ll worship with all your heart because you know who God is and He is worthy of the praise regardless if you’re feeling the music or not.

A Crew can always influence a Crowd.

We are in a series right called “Revival”.  Here we believe when a Crowd becomes a Crew we can create a Community where Revival can be present. It’s one thing to show up to something, but it’s another thing to be devoted to something. The crowd will always show up, but the Crew is devoted. The Crew shows up whether they feel like it or not, because they know the commitment they made is more than an emotional decision made in moment. They believe what they are a part of is bigger than the part they play.

Commitment is not measured in a moment, but in a lifestyle.
— Jesse Norman

If we are going to be a great church, we will need to build a lifestyle, not just a bunch of great moments. We’ll experience those moments, yes, without a doubt. But the devotion level it takes to build a lifestyle and to become a follower of Jesus is far more important than any one moment we experience. Let’s move from being a fan, or a part of the crowd, to a follower or a part of the Crew.

Let’s begin to ask Jesus what it is He is calling us to devote to. ‘Jesus, how are you leading me?’ ‘I’m not just a fan of you Jesus, I am a follower of you and I will walk where you walk. Allow my heart to be fully devoted to your calling on my life!’ This is a lifestyle worth fighting for!

Do we want to be a part of the Crowd or a part of the Crew?

Studying the Bible is great, but being able to apply it is greater. In the early church, they didn’t have the Bible like we do today. These people were being taught by the apostles who went on to write books in the Bible after their experiences of walking with Jesus. This is how it applies to everyday life because this was their everyday life. These books we read were being lived out by the people who saw it all happen first hand when they walked with Jesus.

Studying the Bible in the context of community is something we will continue to emphasize at My City Church. But we also believe studying the Bible is more about the application than it is about the learning. Crews at My City Church look like people getting together over food and growing in their Biblical application process together in community. It’s very hard to live out the Bible without doing it in community with others.

Fellowship will rarely feel comfortable and will almost always require risk. It will require a level of intentionality and it will not happen on accident. Fellowship is about opening yourself and allowing yourself to become available. Something special happens when people sit down together and share stories, laughter, pain and prayer.

We need people in our world who are involved in our lives enough for us to be able to go to them during a the worst of times and during the best of times. People will who will mourn with us, celebrate with us, and simply put do Life with us. Sharing these ups and downs of life with others will be some of the most pivotal steps in our Christian journey.


True Revival can be present when a Crowd becomes a Crew because the Crew will always be greater than a Crowd.
— Jesse Norman

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