What a powerful Sunday at My City Church as we set out to unveil the vision that we believe God has called us to in 2018. Jesus has allowed us to dream dreams that seem bold, that seem scary and that seem to be outlandish...but hasn’t He already answered all these prayers and dreams? Look what He has done in just a short time since launching in September of 2017. We are believing for great and amazing things from God for 2018!

Sunday’s message was so powerful hearing from both Pastor Jesse and Pastor Angela Norman about what is ahead of our church in 2018! They cast out huge vision for My City Church in a way that compelled the audience. God is on the move in Omaha, Nebraska and the best is yet to come!

Some of the key points of vision that were talked about were:
    •    1200 people in weekly attendance at our main campus
    •    Launching a new online campus that broadcasts the gospel to world
    •    Launching a new campus location in West Omaha
    •    1500 people in weekly attendance between the location by the end of the year
    •    52 Crews taking place on a weekly basis throughout the city
    •    Men’s & Women’s ministry groups meeting on a quarterly basis

The attitude and belief that we carry with what God can do is: 


Some might ask if this is all about numbers. And we would reply, it is not all about numbers, but numbers are a big part and this is WHY: each number represents a person. Each person represents a story. Each story is important to God! We want to be able to do for one what we wish we could do for all and that is share the love and message of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Jesse then delivered a powerful closing statement which centered around the story of Moses. Moses was charged with leading the children of Egypt out of the slavery they had been consumed with for over 400 years.

When they had been wandering around in the desert for 40 years they had decided to send 12 spies into the Egypt to learn about the land and their plan of attack and discover what the land had to offer. 

10 of the spies came back and said that the land was filled with milk and honey. That it was the most beautiful land they had ever seen. But the land had giants and it would swallow men whole. And that they were ‘like grasshoppers IN THEIR OWN EYES.’ This is because these slaves had come out of 400 years of slavery where death and hurt had been spoken over them their entire lives.  Two of the spies, Joshua and Caleb, came back and basically said WE CAN DO THIS! We are not grasshoppers, but we are warriors! They had a vision for what was ahead of them!

This is our cry for our church in 2018! WE CAN DO THIS! We are going to leave the past things that have held us back: any doubts, and words of destruction and any hurts. We are leaving these behind in past!

In fact, on Sunday we brought up paper shredders and had people write down their past hurts on a sheet of paper. Things they are leaving in the past. They were SHREDDED! They are left in the past and those chains have been broken in Jesus name! 

Everyone in service also wrote down on paper what their vision was and left this up on stage of what they have in their vision and calling for their life ahead in Jesus. These were spoken over and prayed over along with the people who brought them up! Life was spoken into them. Bondage and chains left behind with no more captivity! 

We have full life in Jesus to pursue His calling and His vision for our lives so we step out in faith as we look into 2018! We stand with big vision and big goals for our church but also for the people of My City Church  who make up the CHURCH itself!

A big week ahead in our church with events you do not want to miss! Creative Night is this Wednesday, I Love My City event on Saturday and this Sunday we will be joined by Pastor Liz Turner from our Hillsong family church who will be delivering a powerful message! We love you and can’t wait to see you this week!