Heart for the House - Pastor Justin Reimer

Heart for the House - Pastor Justin Reimer


Look what God is doing!

An amazing time was had at the My City Vision Builders Gala and then Sunday services were next level! Pastor Justin Reimer, who has recently planted a church in Vancouver, Canada, was here to preach and celebrate what God is doing in Omaha.

As Pastor Reimer pointed out, many of us are competitive and some of us take competition to another level! Consider the Olympics and just how many ways people have found to be competitive!  In the Winter Olympics, there are competitions over who can slide down hills the fastest and who can jump the prettiest. In the Summer Olympics there are actually events for speed walking! Yup, as Pastor Reimer pointed out, they compete over who can move the fastest at not moving your fastest! Some of us are just searching for ways to compete.

All of this competition seems to bleed into areas of our lives you wouldn’t think it would make sense. One person can say to a friend, “Hey, How are you?”

“Busy” the friend replies, “Just super busy.”

“You’re busy? You don’t know busy! I’m SO busy!”

And here we are competing over who is more overwhelmingly busy! We use these same type of competitive arguments to show just how tired we are compared to everyone else.

In Matthew 11:28-30 (NIV) Jesus calls out the tired and busy of us and encourages a different path:

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

            In this verse Jesus is issuing an invitation away from the exhausted, weary, and burdened lives many of us perceive as our lot in life. Jesus not only invites us to rest, he also reveals incredible things about himself and his intentions toward each of us. In this invitation, if we are open to it, we find Jesus saying a LOT in only a few words.

            First, Jesus says, “come to me”. Instead of a God who is standoffish or unapproachable, we hear Jesus declaring that he is accessible. Jesus wants us to find Him! He is not hiding from us or waiting for us to figure everything out. He is not trying to make things difficult for us or run us through trials to earn his interest. He simply says “Come to me”.

            Second, Jesus uses a powerful three letter word to describe who his invitation is extended toward: All. He says, “Come to me, all”. He wants everyone. Literally everyone. Liberal, conservative? Doesn’t matter, he wants all. User, dealer? Doesn’t matter - all. Black, brown, white? All. Everyone. He is the includer. Sometimes we feel like we don’t belong and don’t fit, but Jesus says His invitation is for us anyway.

            Third, Jesus reveals himself as compassionate. Read it again. Who specifically of the all is he really focusing in on? He says, “you who are weary and burdened.” He is literally looking for those of us who feel done. Over it. Weary. Burdened. When the weight of life pressing down on us, Jesus says, “You. Yeah, you. Hey. Come. Come to me and let me help.”

            Finally, with accessibility, inclusivity, and compassion, Jesus says, “I will give.” Wow. He literally has just said, “When you’re at your worst, that is when I want to give us the best. Come.” From this place of generosity, Jesus offers rest. Genuine rest. He offers peace. He offers calm. This offer is so much more than mere inactivity. He is offering to actually bring rest in your activity. He is subtly teaching here what true rest is and that it is found in trusting Him. In this, He says, “take my yoke.” This is an offer to not only help us carry our burdens, but also to teach us how to handle the work we do have. He is offering nothing less than His strength and His wisdom toward finding the rest we need in Him.

            Today, think about the relationship you have with God. Specifically, what do you think He wants from you? What is He asking for you to be and do? These words from Jesus may change the answers to those questions if you will allow them to sink in. What He is asking of each of us is to come. Simply come. The reason He wants us to come is so that He can give. It is that simple and that beautiful.

            Today as you pray share with God the things that matter to you. Share with Him the things that are making you weary. Tell Him all the things that are burdens to you. He genuinely cares about you and He wants to show you how to find rest.

We love you My City Church! It's Crew Week so we encourage you to find a Crew and chat through in community some of these key takeaways from this message from Pastor Justin Reimer. We know this to be true: THE BEST IS YET TO COME!



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