Darren Clausen


Darren Clausen

Lost + Found Event Recap

Join the fight. This last month’s I Love My City event was an event in which we (championed by Natalie Wallace) partnered with which we would raise our voices and join for this important cause. Human Trafficking is facing our generation today and is devastating humans; God’s amazing creation. We were eager to join the fight and raise awareness here in Omaha, Nebraska.

We were and are ALL IN to help partner with the local organization Rejuvenating Women. 

And what a night it was. It was held at the Omaha Design Center in the downtown area. 

With cocktails, appetizers and a spectacular silent auction featuring local goods and talents, attendees had a chance to make an impact on the issue of human trafficking in Omaha in several ways throughout the evening! 100% of proceeds from ticket sales, silent auction and any further on-site donations were donated to Rejuvenating Women located right here in Omaha. 

-    Rejuvenating Women is dedicated to providing hope and restoration to victims and survivors of human trafficking by empowering them to lead healthy, independent lives. New programs by Rejuvenating Women, such as workforce development are allowing survivors to fully heal and become independent in society. -

As the night unfolded, Liz Turner, who leads The Cause Church  in Kansas City with her husband, Kyle, gave us some encouraging words. She pointed out that only Jesus could truly heal. Jesus came to restore and to declare new life for the broken.

What amazing and timeless news. 

The people who came that night were made aware that human trafficking is happening within our midst. It is happening here in Omaha. It is the girl next door. It is the guy walking down the street. 

It all happens in the dark.

Powerful stories were shared that night and we were able to hear from someone who had previously been trafficked and has since finally been rescued. These are real life stories. Women with normal jobs, mothers, son’s, men.

It was an impactful night realizing the need of our city, the need for so many wonderful women and men around the world to hear the message and freedom of Jesus.

We absolutely loved being a part of this night, shining a spotlight on the Rejuvenating Women organization that tirelessly continues to change this city, one women, one man at a time. 

"Seeing lives changed is priceless.” – Julie Schrader, Founder