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Casey Reale



the engine room of all other steps. If you don’t have this one alive and active, some of
the other steps are going to burn you out. With prayer in your life, it’s going to fuel every next
step that God has for you.

MATTHEW 6:9-13
In this manner therefore pray: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed by thy name. Thy
Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and they glory, forever. Amen.

Have you ever been doing something normal but then God spoke to you and changed the
experience? For example, when you go on vacation and have a moment that’s unexpected,
therefore receiving a spiritual truth from it. This is God speaking to you. When we remove the
things in our life that feed us, we find ourselves in a place on panic. When panic is involved in
someone’s life, they’ll try things to solve the problem that they never thought they would. A
good simile to describe this is: a fish without water is a believer without prayer. Therefore, if a
person doesn’t begin to fuel their life with prayer, just like a fish out of water, they’ll show signs
of life and stay alive for a while. However, something will begin to dry up on the inside. Prayer
is oxygen of heaven. If you don’t breathe in heaven, you start exhaling bizarre behaviors. The
things you thought Jesus had resolved in your life, they’ll start to grow back up. You want to be
leading your life with God’s power and connection on your side.

Prayer builds our relationship with God. It’s the engine room of our calling. It breathes life into
our future. Prayer is a pivotal step in the life of a believer. Jesus begins to teach the disciples
how to pray. Matthew 6:9-13 is more than just a scripture to be repeated in prayer. This is a
lifestyle and a pattern of prayer. Therefore, he’s trying to teach them that there are things you
need to have in order for your prayer life to become effective. This is the manner in which to
prayer, not the words. It’s teaching you the things that bring breakthrough into your life while
also teaching you the posture of prayer. He opens by saying, “Our Father which art in heaven…”
which reminds us that we have heavenly Father who loves and cares for us. Your position in
prayer, builds confidence in your life. What is your position in prayer? It’s that you are a son
and daughter. Also, you’re the person that Jesus gave his life for. Therefore, we can come
boldly into the throne room of grace without any fear. Our heavenly Father’s love outweighs
our behavior and performance. In fact, when you’re at your worst, he’s at his best. His love and
care for us, is the position we start prayer in. We can run to him in both the good and bad times because He sees all the problems, He has all the resources, He possesses all the power, but
what He’s looking for is prayer. When we pray, God wants to move in your life. Majority of the
time, God will not move until his people pray. God is everywhere but his perfect will is in
heaven and he wants to release is on earth. God is saying, my kingdom, my perfect will is in
heaven but prayer is what brings that kingdom down to earth. Therefore, fill the gap between
heaven and earth with prayer. In fact, complaining isn’t the language of heaven. However,
prayer is the language of heaven. Prayer is the conduit that delivered heaven to earth. He wants to put a conduit of prayer in your life that brings light into your world. When it’s his will,
not my will, prayer has power. Heaven on earth happens when prayer reaches heaven. The
hardest part about prayer is being stuck in the middle. This is when your prayers have reached
heaven and you’re waiting for it to be reorganized on earth. It’s like you have prayed about
something and God has brought a level of peace towards it. But you’re looking at it, and it
hasn’t changed. In the middle of this, God is trying to develop a level perseverance. God will
promise to you that he is a prince of peace so no matter what’s coming your way, you bring it
to God and pray it through, you will have a peace that will arise up within you. God will give you breakthrough on the inside before you’ll get in on the outside. This process is deepening your relationship with God. When you’ve hit a wall, let it be your default that the first person you go to is God through prayer.

God wants to provide for you, He wants to bless you and be a part of your life. God doesn’t
breakthrough in provision until we get a proper vision of what God wants us to do. Therefore,
the provision of God comes from a proper vision of God. This goes back to our Father in heaven.

We’re saying, God I want your will in my life and your vision. If you’re living in God’s will, He’ll
show up every single time but He’s looking for prayer. In fact, pray specific prayers, not vague
prayers, because you serve a God who cares about specific needs. We have a God who cares
about our daily bread and he’s looking for people to say what they’ll believing for. However, if
God doesn’t show up, maybe we didn’t need what we thought we did but instead need
something different. Therefore, God will teach us how to pray through that.

Unforgiveness will block up your prayer life. In fact, it will shut it down. You can pray, but you’ll
be going through the motions. If you’re living in unforgiveness, God won’t hear your prayers.
He’s listening but there won’t be any answers coming your direction because you’ve stocked it
up. Forgiveness starts being birthed in our hearts by Jesus in prayer. It’s followed by a decision
to let go and move on. Prayer is where we find forgiveness from all of our troubles and pain.
We ask God to forgive us and we hear a Father’s voice every time. Because we forgive us our
debts, as we forgive our debtors. Your prayer life will crumble when you let offense takeover.
Being offended will take you out of the will of God. Instead, God is saying, let it go because I
have forgiven you more than you’ll ever know. God doesn’t lead us into temptation, we do that.
However, God does deliver us from evil. He wants us to understand that there are some wars in
our lifetime that can only be tackled through prayer.

Prayer builds our faith so when temptation comes our way we have the strength to say no in
Jesus mighty name. It’s saying I used to go to that well but now I go to a new one and it’s called prayer. You’ve crossed over breakthrough in your life when its turned into praise. Keep praying until you have praise and victory on the inside of you. Always know that God is for you.