Casey Reale


Casey Reale


So often, our insecurity and fear keep us from the best that God has for us. We have the God-given instinct to act, but we're afraid of flying. We're afraid of falling. We're afraid of failing.

I have good news for you: failure is inevitable… no really, that is good news! God’s plan isn’t something that is absent of our failures. You could royally screw up everything in your life a thousand times over and you still wouldn’t be powerful enough keep Him from using those experiences for good. In fact, He uses our inevitable failure to mold us and grow us all of the time. Following God’s plan, even when we're afraid, builds in us the confidence and strength we need for our lives in spite of any impending setback. There is something to be learned each time we step out in faith, and each time we step out, we grow!

Now, hear me when I say that stepping out boldly doesn’t always look like selling everything you own and taking care of orphans in Africa. No, sometimes stepping out is simply choosing to ride the elevator with strangers instead of avoiding them by taking the stairs. Stepping out is initiating prayer at the table of your faithless loved ones. For some, stepping out is simply deciding to get out of bed in the morning and face another day. God’s plan prevailing in your life will always build your confidence to step out and take bold action.

So, what is God's plan for you?

Though our individuality is the mark of a Divine Creator, there are some things that apply to the plan that God has for all of us:

-We take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ.

-We place Jesus and others at the center of our imagination. 

-To gain vision, we allow our core-beliefs to ground us, our core-values to guide us, and core-focus to drive us. 

-We make plans for the future that lead us into action today.

-God's plan builds confidence to take bold action. 

Don't get me wrong, failure can still be painful and scary sometimes, but God is a lot bigger than the world that you're experiencing right now. He's the God of generations! He was the God of Adam & Eve, He's the God of you and me, and He's the God of your sons and daughters. He wants to use your growth right now to impact the lives of those who come after us!

To let God's plan take root in your life you will undoubtedly need...


Strength comes from flexibility and teachability. In order to be flexible, you have to constantly be stretching. In fact, if something is difficult, it's a good indicator that you're in the middle of His plan for your life. 

Stretch. Grow. Strengthen.


What gives us more courage than pressing through pain? Pain is the pathway to progress. You can only grow to your threshold of pain!

I know things in life can still be blurry and confusing, but it's okay to not have everything figured out all of the time. Our obedience to God's plan brings us into alignment with Him, and knowing we're in alignment is always going to be more important than knowing our assignment. We can still take bold action in our everyday lives. It may take some time to get to build up the strength and courage that we need to go forward in faith, but the pain of change is always better than the pain of staying the same.