Casey Reale


Casey Reale


We are celebrating one year at My City Church and all the God has done within this past year. During 52 weekends, there’s so much to celebrate and to express how faithful God has been. At our birthday celebration, dozens of people got baptized to celebrate being obedient to God and following Jesus. In addition, our My City Worship team released two new singles: Faithful to Come and Through. You can download both of these singles on every platform. Let’s celebrate all the God has done already and what he’s going to do in the future!


Men and women of God are in heaven looking down on all of us, cheering us on. In fact, they want us to keep pursuing everything we have to come in our future. Within our life, we can go through things that might shake our world. However, doing anything great for God comes with pain. Therefore, God wants us to keep pursuing. We have to walk through the journey that includes every obstacles of the ups and downs.

There are two things that God consistently commanded: REMEMBER and PARTY. God wants us to remember the past and how good he’s been to us. Once you remember all that God has done for you thus far, stop and party about it. Often times, we get caught up in what isn’t working that we fail to look behind us and realize all the times God has already come through in our lives. Celebration brings joy and joy brings forth strength. We have to remember all that God has done for us and set aside time to celebrate.

Our pasts may not be perfect however, it is full of hope. Jesus has done more than we can imagine. During this past year at My City Church, God has shown up and done so much within one year. Sometimes we underestimate what God can do in a short period of time. During this year at My City Church, it’s time to celebrate all the remarkable things God has done.

  • Salvations: 1623

  • Baptisms: 125

  • Average Attendance: 650

  • Team Members: 285

  • CREWS: 41 total

  • CREWS Attendance: 575

One of our core values is Faith-Filled in Confession: we look into the future with great expectation. We honor the past, but are most loyal to our future. Our language is full of faith knowing that the best is yet to come! What does this mean? We look into our past and find hope. God has been faithful. Faith has to do with our future. Therefore, we honor the past but stay loyal to what God is going to do in the future. Since God has been this faithful to us in the past, how much more is he going to be faithful to us in the future? We have a great cloud of witnesses that are cheering us on. Trust in knowing that God is going to do more for your life within the future. God wants to do a new thing through the same heart. Let’s rise up and build because the best is yet to come!