City Girl | Friendship

A Devotional Series

by Anna Lind Thomas

Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron,

so one person sharpens another.

There’s an anonymous quote that says, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

There was a phase in my life where I would have read that quote, looked over at the people I was hanging out with, excused myself and then sprinted out of the there like someone had set out free donut samples.

We’re called to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. To be selfless, to help others, to lend an ear, to show compassion and through our service, let God’s bright light shine through us.

But there’s a difference between loving our friends, who have often become family, and allowing ourselves to get stuck in friendships that stifle us from blooming into who God made us to be.

Some people take our energy. I call them energy spillers, and let me tell you - they can be a real drag.

Some people fill us up. I call them energy fillers and when I look at them, my future’s so bright I have to wear ski goggles and get one of those weird face tans.

Those are people who inspire us, encourage us, and help us to never give up. People who make us want to do better, be better and grow into a deeper relationship with God. They sharpen us, as we sharpen them.

Sometimes we’ll find ourselves in a lonely season, but I found that this is a time when God wants me to fill up on Him. He wants to sharpen me, He wants to meet my needs and He wants me to learn how to hear from Him and draw near to his Holy Spirit. Less running to the phone, more running to the throne.

Sometimes we’re tempted to run back to the energy spillers when we’re lonely, but I would encourage you to resist the temptation. Instead, see this as an opportunity to run to God, and fill up on Him. It’s a beautiful time to practice your craft, master good habits and move closer into God’s vision for your life. Then, when you’re ready, ask and wait on Him to send you divine friendships.

He will. And when he does, you’re gonna need some ski goggles.