by Debonnie Barnes

What a wonderful Mother’s Day!

I hope all of you beautiful moms out there felt loved and appreciated, because you truly deserve it. 

In honor of the day, this message was geared towards mothers. So when you read this, think of your mothers and how much honor and respect they deserve. But I also want you to read this and let it encourage you personally, regardless of the stage of life you are in.

Whether you are a man or a woman, parent or otherwise, at some point in your life you’ve felt overwhelmed by societies expectations of you. You’ve felt weighed down by the need to have it all together.

You feel like you should be able to do it ALL.

I find so much peace and rest knowing that I do not have to be perfect. God has never expected perfection from you. Our God is a God of grace. Grace for the days you just can’t get it together. Grace for the days you feel like you’re failing at everything. He STILL loves you even when you can’t do it all.

See, it’s not our all we need to be pursuing, it’s His all. His all is specific to you. We have to stop pursuing somebody else’s all. Doing this only leaves you feeling troubled, frustrated, and unfulfilled at every turn. Pursuing Gods all brings peace, contentment, and life. 

When we pursue His all - God in turn enables, equips, and empowers us to achieve it!
— Angela Norman

It is not in my power, but His. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

I rejoice in my infirmities, my mistakes, my shortcomings, because in them, Christ can be glorified. His grace is sufficient for you. His power is made perfect in weakness (1 Corinthians 12:9). 

When you pursue Gods all, your character and integrity are never compromised. God’s all is never self-focused. The gifts that God has given you, are not actually for you. They are given to you for you to serve others. There are two commandments associated with pursuing God’s all:
Love God and Love People. 

However, you absolutely cannot put the second commandment first. You have to get the order of your pursuit right. Our pursuit after God has to be the first thing. We actually can’t love people without God, because God IS love! We can’t even love ourselves without God. But we also cannot abandon the second commandment, because as Christians we are called to serve others. To put others before ourselves and love them as God one, despite their shortcomings. 

The point in the message that hit me the most: His all cannot be compartmentalized!

Mother’s, for example, do not get to choose when they are a follower of God and when they are a mom or wife. They are those things all of the time. So what makes us think that God doesn’t want to be in every part of our lives all the time? We don’t have to create competing priorities. It’s not Motherhood vs Prayer Time, because God is in it ALL. 

God never called us to be superwoman or superman. He called us to be SUPERNATURAL!

How can you do it all? Use Gods power. Make the Holy Spirit your best friend. Allow grace to flood into the areas where your own power and abilities don’t measure up, and instead rely on Gods power and ability to get you through.