We live paralyzed waiting for that one day to be perfect enough that God can use us.
— Eli Nelson

But God isn’t looking for perfect people, He’s looking for available people.

Christians spend so much time disqualifying themselves from the greater narrative because they don’t believe they’re Holy enough. We look at other people and we see perfection.

We see the hashtag #NOFILTER on a triple-filtered photo.

The meal-prep champions.

The two-a-day queens.

The perfectly buttoned-up kids.


What about the dad with anger issues?

Or the mom struggling to find the will to care?

The child crushed beneath the weight of sensory overload?

Reality: These are the same people.

Even at a church like My City, it’s possible to come week in and week out and only feel like you’re scratching the surface with people, forever-propelling the notion that perfect doesn’t see imperfect.

That they are it and you are less.

It’s when we say “Hey, I’m not where I was but I’m not where I’m going to be. Will you walk with me in my mess?” that we kill the mythical weirdness of perfection tripping us up. He gives us permission to walk it out with other people. Other people going through the same things.

A long time ago God met the woman at the well in her own secret shame. He spoke to her with compassionate observation, and as Jesus does, lovingly drew out her sin into the daylight where it would die forever. He knew she had nothing to be embarrassed about, and He came to tell her that on purpose.

We are all in the middle of becoming who we are, and as we get to know Him better, we realize that this very grace means He’s in love with perfect mess. A mess worthy of a non-sensical Samarian detour.

And just like her, the future you will not be loved more than the you from yesterday. And that’s a promise.

Philippians 1:6 promises us that He will never give up on our hearts.

That we are worthy of a deep, masterful follow-through.

“6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Do yourself a favor: Put down the attempt to be perfect, and wipe off your lens that sees other people that way. Be the version of yourself that Jesus loves the most.

You, right now, #NOFILTER